It seems like 2020 began just yesterday, but 2021 has already arrived. The past year has been challenging because of COVID-19—we have all been disappointed by missed opportunities. Yet there was a silver lining: due to the pandemic, we were able to spend more time with family. Ultimately, this year was a year when these happy memories stood out.

Meanwhile, we have been experiencing tumult both in our homeland and in America, where we have built our new lives. As always, there were joyful and happy times, but we also had to overcome difficult hardships, learning an expensive lesson that crises always create opportunities. The world has been put on hold for a moment due to the pandemic, but this has ironically become an unprecedented opportunity for our profession. This is the time to push forward; the era to go beyond the third industrial revolution and look ahead towards the fourth and the fifth. I hope the new year helps you let go of any difficult memories, and I wish you a prosperous and refreshing year.

Young Joo Kim, DVM, MS

The President of the Korean Veterinary Society of America